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7th August 2006


You may recall my troubles with time and date on my lj....my bitching about a vicious cycle.

Well, in true Becca-Spirit, I have done the unthinkable.

I have created a new lj account.


This will be where I post from now on. Please take note.

14th July 2006

12:56am: I love Eric Bogosian sooooo much.

The sea bleeds with my lost love. BLEEEEEDS.

Gene Kelly is a genius of potato proportions.

25th February 2006

6:01am: Why Garnet, WHY??? What will I do without him? His love...it was so...pure.


And Valentine's was going so well. Ah well. That's love, that's life. *Takes a drag from her black, arches eyebrow and French exhales, shrugging in an empowered manner.*
Current Mood: weeping over cairn

22nd February 2006

10:04pm: You know it...
Hi. Just back from Chatty with the Jane. We scoped out the new Rave cinema. There was no X but a great combo deal involving candy and soda. Who ate all that? We also saw "The Wedding Date" Jane's reaction during the whole thing: "This makes no sense and is crap." and Becca's reaction during the whole thing:"I know and isn't it wonderful?" Had the alarming realization that the said beastly play is pretty synonmous plot wise. Only with reincarnation and the homeless. I manage to be both preachy AND trite! Go team! I think now I'll shower and tidy and hang with the X (Cranz, not the drug) and see where the night takes us.

10th February 2006

2:36pm: Oh, and this BECAUSE IT'S FABULOUS
Theme songs of your life
by eponine
your name?
love song:my heart will go on - celine dion
depressing song:black balloon - the goo goo dolls
party song:boys of summer - the ataris
what-the-hell-ever song:paint it black - the rolling stones
your lifeimagine - john lennon
Quiz created with MemeGen!
2:31pm: I'm Back
Yes, yes it's true, I have returned from Chicago, older, wiser, happier, fatter, and more closely than ever resembling Cher. I won't bore with all the pithy details of the trip, suffice it to say: Brown Audition Verdict: Amazing, wonderful, felt great, did smashing. NYU Audition Verdict: Um. Yes. No. No it was bad -- IIII was great, the audition itself, I wasn't really be considered, seriously by the auditor, eh well,

*shrugs like a French Man*

Also fell in love with Steppenwolf. In fact am already engaged in email ping-pong with the head of their artistic apprenticeship program --- which would be amazing!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get my lips done...AGAIN.

Current Mood: bouncy

1st February 2006

9:21am: NO I am NOT sick! God - who got me sick? How did this happen? I'll kill whoever is responsible. Grrrrr. I have have have to go to all my classes today bu come 3:30 I am taking a goddamn nap. I need not this shit with auditions a week away.

31st January 2006

12:00pm: I'm a person with feelings who really, you know - FEEEEEEELS things.
It's the Duchess of Tamworth here. This cold January promises to be followed by a colder February and I am beginning to think that my rheumy bones cannot handle it - oh dear me, I now have the hiccoughs. Pronounced hick-coffs. In CASE you were wondering. And I know you WERE. The Duchess are one of her minions will be journeying to the Loop O'Chicago on Sunday. I wanted to bring my fox fur coat - but it appears the littlest serving maid (LuCINda) has absconded with it! We are displeased. Well, I don't know about we, but I certainly am.


30th January 2006

8:40pm: Whoa!
Fun and equally funny night - but I'm not ready to party any later than now having been going since 3:00 five hour party good enough, plus, we must remember that I kind of was ill only last sunday due to comping glory. Lets put it another way - somedays you have it in you to go all hours, and other days you just plum don't. Alex, Amanda and William - priceless. Oh and William, I haven't forgotten about the hotel, you'll know by tomorrow come hell or high water repeat - I have not forgotten, the question is, have you?

Oh, two special shout-outs tonight:

Jane, you rock my world, why didn't I see a lot of you tonight? Buh-wah!
Andrew, as persuasive as the dancing was, home I am - I must applaude the effort.
2:30pm: And now an ACTUAL Becca update - curse my poor ability to come up with passwords of steal.

These Lyrics by the Lucksmiths are today's entry - because I'm back in the sort of 14 year old state of mind where lyrics say things better than I do. Oh yeah.

I’ve got nothing on today
Which is not to say I’m naked
I’m just sans plans
Maybe you could come over
God knows I’m going nowhere fast
Since you asked

Whenever you want
There’s a spot out the front of my place
The time it takes for you get from A to me...
I suppose we’ll just wait and see

I was drunk in the haze of happy hour
But I stumbled into sunshine
And I’m sober somehow
You can be the judge
Come and keep me company
Suddenly I’m lonely
If only you’d come over

Whenever you want
There’s a spot out the front of my place
It’s a tiny space
I said your driving couldn’t be worse
But I really meant just the reverse
You’re a great parker

If we have a great tonight
Tomorrow could be even greater
I love it that you’re so polite
But please don’t say “I’ll see you later”
I’d rather see you sooner
It’s getting darker
There’s not much room
But you’re a great parker

29th January 2006

2:24pm: My name is Becca. I love theatre sooooo much. I also like pink. And little boys. And Jane's bum. Ooo Jane's bum. Mmmmmm. Oh and I like mints. And bunnies. I love to be scratched by bunnies. It turns me on. I also like William's butt. Bwa ha ha ha.

Love Becca
aka Alex.

28th January 2006

10:34am: So it's Friday - I've got just one more class and one meeting with Landon to hash out my solo-show objectives before the weekend begins in full. To tell you the truth, I am terribly excited about this Chicago trip - I don't know if I'll get into Grad school but I'm treating these auditions like any other audition - a chance to really strut my stuff. RRRRROCK! Also, a chance for William and I to explore the city that we will randomly been dwelling in for three days. My mom says my Uncle Karl (Who I met once when I was six months old apparantly) wants to have us over for dinner. I'm into it - if only to introduce William as my traveling companion. My mom STILL hasn't called me back about the hotel reservations, so methinks I'll be doing it myself which is cool, much rather I spend the cash and see that it gets done, you know?

Last night after watching Sylvia with Jane and Paul and Laura I mad def went home and wrote poetry cracking my ass up about it the whole time. I wrote three bad and delicious love poems - love poems? I didn't think I had that sort of thing in me!

And you know what else? All day to day my feelings from lab yesterday have gotten even stronger - the need to lick things. On that note - OH! Wait! I found someone for Alex's play - he's going to okay tonight by five. He doesn't even want to see the scrip! Andrew Evelo. WRRRROCK!

And on THAT note: I must commence with the licking.

26th January 2006

2:41pm: You know, I LIKE Walt Whitman - screw you guys. I sing unto myself. Damn. DAMN!

24th January 2006

8:11pm: *Sings* Awkward!
SO. I just wrote the last line of "Lying, Cheating, Stealing: A Guide To Life and How Things Are as Told by Lindy Keaton, Criminal" - for those unaware, this is the solo show I've been working on since AUGUST! AH! So, needless to say, I shed some tears - not because of its brilliance (I ain't that delusional) but simply because this is one very major step done. It was weird because I've been working on it for such a long time that whereas with other projects I am well aware when they're about to be done, I had no idea with this one until it was...well, done. As Dan O put it today, I had the definite sense since August that I was driving West, but I didn't know were exactly I was going. And today, suddenly I was there. Yeah anyway - here's the funny part of the story - the guy at the computer next to me just totally went "Um. Excuse me. But. Do you need me to call someone?" My artistic storm was thus quieted. Devil take him. And myself.

Current Mood: accomplished

21st January 2006

6:22pm: Blech. Just. Yes. Blech.
I was meant to go see the Moscow Phil. this evening. That didn't happen because the night before comps I had an audition. Wait. Edit. I had a dance class. .... They want me to do this movement piece thing of ass about the Cherokee indians and I'm just livid. I thought this audition was imperative as I was told time and time again it was imperative and I get there and we get started late and then when we do get working we aren't auditioning we're "getting a feel for the choreography" ie - every other girl there gets to practice being lifted in the air - while I watch. I do not spot, I do help - I SIT AND WATCH THE TINY BE LIFTED.

So now I'm working on what I could have gotten done three hours ago if I hadn't gone to this damn time suckage and I'm feeling miserable because after I comp tomorrow - I've got to go to a rehearsal UNTIL FOUR for a project that right now I want to say is cool but really just had lowered my self-esteem by about three notches.

I'm pissed and lonely and scared to death about this comp and I know everyone was trying to be helpful when they reminded me that I do get to bring notes in, but guess what guys? Notes aren't my comp - I still have to take it and I have to be, in a sense, even more prepared because having granted us the luxury of notes they EXPECT more.

I feel fat and stressed and like a congenital fuck up. Arrrrrrrg!

*deep breath*

At 9:30 I will be done with this. I will leave Dupont, go to the Pub and have a beer. I will then go to bed and refuse to think about tomorrow when I get let out of my meeting early and walk home because no one knew I was done comping.

Pity party out.


13th January 2006

10:55am: IT'S ONNN!
I will be in Chicago - that's the final answer. Fab. I know that NYU is the 9th at 4pm at the Palmer House - now to figure out where that is.

Also - Quizzie!This is irritating and vaguely priceless.

Cake or Death

Which Eddie Izzard Quote Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

12th January 2006

10:23am: The audition/Comps situation has begun. And my lj thinks it's the year 2006. I've been playing phone tag with both Brown and NYU about audition dates - it looks like I'll be going to Chicago folks, as long as Brown will switch me. I've been trying desperately to not let the folks I've spoken to smell my fear, also have been trying desperately not to feel judged.Hopefully this will all be resolved by nightfall and I'll be able to buy an uber cheap ticket for 80 bucks or so on southwest. So, Second week of February - anyone up for Chicago? Jane, William?

26th December 2005

2:33pm: Booty...heh heh heh
Oh, Mr. Pookums, my lover-muffin has just hopped off my lap and I am all warm and happy - despite being covered in long, white hairs.

It's all gray and snowy outside...ooooh! My mom, from the smell of things, is making beef-barely soup, yummies!

Tomorrow I'm going to uber-classy digs of one K Richotte - am tres excited as I get to see folks and bond and eat, three of my favorite things.

Christmas: What I Acquired 2004

1.) J Crew Black Peacoat...fab. Somewhere, a Harrington got its wings.
2.) A silver pin with rhinestones in the shape of an 'R'...oh Sam.
3.) Lots of Burt's Bees paraphanalian.
4.) A Vera Bradley Duffel in my pattern! W00t!
5.) A photo-album full of pix from last year, movies, me and Jane on the train
6.) A subsciption to The Believer magazine out of McSweeney's...delightful!
7.)HUGE and FLUFFY fleece pj's with cows on them that say "Drama Queen"
8.)HUUUUUUUGER slippers...get this, SHAPED LIKE COWS (they even have tails, guys) and a giant blue flower atop each of their heads. I'm also pretty sure they're wearing lipstick.
9.)A new teapot, and some blue-heart shaped sunglasses, a la elton john.

yay booty lists!

25th December 2005

8:09pm: Hello and Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to all you gentiles.

*said as if she didn't celebrate Christmas at all*

expect the annual christmas letter in all its cheesy glory. (If you fear you might be missing out, drop me an email or post a comment and I'll be sure to send one your way.

12th December 2005

1:11pm: They say (you know, they) that the lists we make, the books we read, define who we are. They say that it's the litte things like that that give other people tiny clues towards solving the puzzle.

Movies I just rented:

Watership Down
Current Mood: dorky

11th December 2005

2:31pm: The semester, like a prostitute with her throat slit, is finally beginning to bleed out. Aside from the occasional gush due to the still struggling heart, for the most part the world of Sewanee for the fall semester has begin to coagulate. Yum.

I'm sitting here (Guess where, no, no guess!) ..."in the computer lab" and finishing up the remaining work I have left for Pete Smith. I'm actually in the midst of writing my killer final on the nature of revolution in theatre - Viva La Revolutiona! Blerg!

Whoa. Some guys just came and pulled my hair and went "hey you!" before realizing that I was not who he thought I was. Heh heh heh. Enjoyable. *sings) Ak-wwwward!

It is a definitely a day of coalgulation. Except for the bursts of energy and final actions that must be completed before I lapse into complete apathy.

Plus about not being in That Play - my auditions won't be until the end of February, and I get to Providence for them, not Chicago - (randomness abounds)

Back to finish the Final and the couple little thingies left for Pete.



That is all.

Alex - expect a call from me in about an hour. If it's raining I ain't walking. Brrrrrr. I miss Janie already :(
12:00am: X- TRAVAGANZA!

Best X-mas special EVER.

Am currently clutching my new bag from anthropologie, wearing new earrings, while watching ONE OF TEN EXISTING COPIES OF AN ERIC BOGOSIAN TAPED PERFORMANCE FROM '86 and rubbing my hands with La Mer. You heard me. Bitches.

9th December 2005

4:31pm: W000000000000000t!
SO. I'm sitting in the computer lab - I JUST FINISHED MY AFRICA FINAL! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! It took me a whopping three hours as I started a one thirty and now it's done and fabulous and OFF OF A COMPUTER so I don't have to worry! I'm going to drop it off with the Hamer and then sell back some bookies and then meet up with girlies for dinner and then get cleaned up to see Harold and Maude with La Laura!
Current Mood: accomplished
12:31am: I'd just like to say, the people who surround me, friends and co-workers, have proven something really wonderful to me today. I don't have to get angry or blue or frustrated over casting, because they will do it for me, and come out in force to do so.

I won't say I'm not upset. But nearly upset as I was three hours ago. And tomorrow it will be gone. What's great is, I love the people who were cast and envy them nothing - if anything I wish them luck and know the experience will be a good one.

Don't worry you guys, you'll be seeing a little more of me before I graduate. There's an exciting project in the works. So - to all my female friends, if you see Womack flash him, and male friends, offers to smoke his pole would be greatly appreciated. A good director is hard to find.

Going to bed and getting up early. Once Africa's done tomorrow life will be practically...swell!

8th December 2005


I am SO going! Who's with me?

(PS - yes Laura, Napoleon on Saturday wrocks.)
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